Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vroege vakantie

Sinds gisteren zijn de "secondary schools", peuterspeelzalen, kleuterscholen en lagere scholen hier in HK gesloten tot 30 juni. Niet omdat dit de bedoeling was, maar omdat er op verschillende scholen, kinderen zijn ziek geworden. Na onderzoek bleek dat ze de varkensgriep hadden!
Het laatste besmette meisje van gisteren, deed examen met 200 andere kinderen in een afgesloten ruimte. Ze verwachten dus nog veel meer besmettingen.

Afgelopen maandag heeft de government bevestigd dat er 12 nieuwe gevallen varkensgriep bij zijn gekomen. In totaal zijn er nu 104 gevallen met varkensgriep in Hong Kong.

Ze zijn natuurlijk over gegaan tot sluiting om verdere besmetting te voorkomen. Slim.
Maar Disneyland Hong Kong geeft nu flinke kortingen op entreekaartjes om de kids te vermaken?! Wat?! Niet slim dus!

Secondary schools may close early for summer

Holiday change proposed to check the spread of swine flu

Hong Kong secondary schools may be asked to take an early summer holiday as soon as they finish their internal examinations, under the latest anti-swine-flu measures being considered by the government.

This follows the two-week closure of a Wan Chai secondary school - the second to be closed since the outbreak began - after a Form Four student was found to have contracted the new virus.

All Hong Kong kindergartens and primary schools began a 14-day suspension on Friday and are unlikely to resume classes before the summer holiday starts next month.

The government said earlier there was no need to close all secondary schools, as older children were more resistant to the flu. But it is understood that the Food and Health Bureau is now considering new measures on swine flu, including asking schools to take an early summer holiday.

The head of microbiology at the University of Hong Kong and flu adviser to the government, Yuen Kwok-yung, last night said that the "flexible" summer holiday measure would be the "simplest and most feasible" option to distance people to slow the spread of the virus.

Most secondary schools will finish their examinations in the next week or two.

The Centre for Health Protection confirmed yesterday that a 15-year-old girl at Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School in Wan Chai had contracted A (H1N1) swine flu and that the school would close from today until June 29.

The girl was sitting an exam with about 200 others on Friday when she developed flu symptoms.

She has no recent travel history and her source of infection remains unknown. She lives with her parents at Shun Lee Disciplined Services Quarters in Kwun Tong.

Hong Kong yesterday reported 12 new cases - six local and six imported - bringing the total to 104.

St Paul's Convent School was earlier closed for two weeks after it was confirmed to have the first locally infected cluster of swine flu cases. It has a total of 20 infected students, including a Form One student confirmed yesterday.

Centre controller Thomas Tsang Hoi-fai said that whether other secondary schools should be closed depended on whether the Tang Shiu Kin school had only one case or a cluster of cases.

The centre yesterday confirmed swine flu infections in three children, a 10-month-old girl and two boys aged six and eight.

One man was infected locally by his elder brother, who had travelled to Thailand and was earlier confirmed with swine flu. The six imported cases were from Thailand, the United States and Canada.

Dr Tsang warned that the new swine flu virus had taken root across the city. The six local newly confirmed patients live in different areas, including Tsuen Wan, Tseung Kwan O, Yau Tong and Kwun Tong.

"It shows that the virus is now established in Hong Kong, with some degree of local transmission going on," Dr Tsang said. "It might just be a tip of an iceberg."

Hong Kong Association of Heads of Secondary Schools chairman Michael Wong Wai-yu said the association would follow and respect the decision to be made by government medical experts on whether to suspend classes in secondary schools across the city.

He added that the situation in secondary schools was not that bad at this stage as infections had only been found in two out of about 500 secondary institutions.

Meanwhile, the centre is following a report that Zhuhai has confirmed a 28-year-old Hong Kong man as a new swine flu patient.

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